Jillian (seenthrutheblur) wrote in uccbutler,

Hey guys! my name is Jillian and im strongly considering studying abroad in Cork.. i just wanted to hear a little about your experiences.. in and out of the academic setting? how are the people? I have friends who've been to Ireland and they say they met some of the nicest people.

Anything you want to share id love to hear!
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Hi! I have just finished my third week of study abroad in Cork, and so far I absolutely love it! The city is great and the people friendly, and so much of everything is just so beautiful! As far as academics, it really seems that the school is looking to help us as much as possible, and the one professor I've had so far really does his best to make sure we know what's going on and just in general cares about us.

For specific questions or stories of my trips, refer to my livejournal or email me at henryk(at)kenyon(dot)edu. I would love to fill you in on how things turn out over the semester.
And hi from me too! I actually know Kelly...we just met about four weeks ago! Seriously, come here. It's gorgeous, everyone is wonderful, you'll meet some awesome new people (case in point!), and it's definitely worth it. And Take The Early Start!!! It's a little bit more money, but it's so worth it. You'll get a handle on the campus and how classes work around here, plus you'll get to meet some people before regular session starts, and you get to take cool field trips to different parts of Ireland--paid for through program fees! Feel free to check out my lj--I've been posting trip stories, or send me an e-mail! ;0)